Organic Infant Formula 1

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    • We actually have some in stock at the moment. I am currently running an inventory check to see exactly how much we do have, and I will update the status on our website as soon as I am finished… Should be later today or tomorrow morning.

  1. I am trying to order and the website says out of stock. My baby is currently taking 210oz per week about 30oz a day. Do you offer a bigger box? Seem I will have to have 3 boxes a week based on the above comments? If this is the case is there a way to order enough for a month? I’m new to this so a bunch of questions.

    • Hi April,
      Yes, you will need 3 boxes based on your baby’s current needs. Stage 2, which is for babies 6+ months does come in a larger box. It makes approximately 140 fluid ounces per week. We do offer a membership program for clients looking to purchase on a monthly basis. We are happy to help assist you! I know it can be overwhelming. 🙂

  2. Hi there, sorry for another question. If my baby is taking 22 ounces per day, how many boxes of holle stage one will I need to last me a month?

    • I have never heard of the “big pack,” and it is not something offered by the manufacturer. I am guessing that there is a company (not affiliated with the manufacturer) offering this deal.

  3. When will you have more Holle Stage 1? The company I ordered from just contacted me after placing the order 2 weeks ago that they are out of stock.

  4. I have heard that babies who have a milk protein allergy can usually tolerate Hipp and Holle formula rather than giving them hypoallergenic formula. Has this been your experience…at least for the majority of babies?

    • I have not heard that and I would not believe that to be the case. A baby with a true milk protein allergy would not be able to tolerate either of these formulas, as neither of them are hypoallergenic.

  5. Thank you for your reply! In your opinion, how does the Hipp HA compare with the U.S. hypoallergenic formulas like Alimentum and Nutramigen?

  6. On the nutrional values for Holle Stage 1 specifically the iron line item: What does the comma in “4,6” mean? Is that 4.6 mg of iron?

  7. is there a recommended way to transition from the formula my baby is drinking now to Holle, and how long should it take her to get use to the new formula?

    • There are different methods… Some people transition gradually by mixing the two formulas together for a week or so to help the baby adjust, and others make the switch cold turkey. If I was transitioning my baby I would go the gradual route. It can take up to 2 weeks for a baby to adjust to a new formula. Hope this helps!

  8. If we prepare the formula in advance and keep it in the fridge for up to 24 hours, can it be re-warmed (in individual servings)? What’s the best method to rewarm the formula?

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