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Our HiPP order has arrived! Contact us today if you would like to place an order!

Little World Organics is excited to announce a few new products that we are adding to our baby food repertoire.

Early next week, we will receive our first shipment of HiPP organic infant formula. HiPP products are free from chemical pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. Their formula line includes beneficial ingredients such as prebiotics, iron, and naturally occurring DHA extracted from actual fish oil (unlike the controversial genetically modified DHA found in American formulas).

There are many interesting studies exploring the benefits of prebiotics in infant formula. This study found that eczema was significantly reduced in children who were fed formula containing prebiotics. According to the HiPP website, 99.8% of 515 mums using HiPP Organic who have changed from a different brand agreed either ‘strongly’ (62.5%) or ‘slightly’ (37.3%) with the statement ‘my baby seems happier’.

Another great aspect of HiPP is that they carry ready-to-feed products, which we will also have available. The ready-to-feed line is perfect for on the go feeding, or if you simply want to sample the product. Initially, LWO will offer the ready-to-feed formula in sets of 6.

Later this month we will also offer some new Holle products including Bio-Kindermilch 4 for babies 12 months and older, a larger supply of goat milk, organic rice porridge, and a delicious milk cereal with banana.

If you are interested in trying HiPP organic infant formula, please contact us at and place your order today.

Are there any other Holle or HiPP products that you are interested in purchasing? If so, send an email request to let us know.

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