A Few of Our *Least* Favorite Things

As a follow up to our previous post, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of our least favorites products of 2013, as well. We hate to be Negative Nellys, and we’re certain that there are plenty of people out there that absolutely love these things… Just not us. 

Our *Least* Favorite Baby Gear of 2013

mamaroo1. mamaROO– Aside from the aesthetics, which are totally not my style (hello Startrek!), I really wanted to like this one. Thankfully, I did not shell out $200 only to learn that my little booger did not in fact want to take a ride in the Cadillac of infant seats. I borrowed it from a friend, whose son coincidentally hated the Roo, as well. 

Learn more here.     $200


babybath2. Blooming Bath for Babies- So dang adorable, but not a practical option for me. Unfortunately, this flowery bath did not fit very well into our kitchen sink. Baby J was forced to sit completely upright, which not only made for a difficult bathing experience, but a pretty pissed off baby, too. Needless to say, my husband, Baby J, and myself were all scarred by the experience. No joke, we did not bathe him for 2+ weeks following that experience.

Buy the bath here, or contact me and I’ll sell you mine for half-price!     $40

ktan3. Baby K’Tan– I just know that the Baby K’Tan is a great product, and I sincerely hope that Baby #2 loves it, because he/she may not have much of a choice! Baby J despises infant carriers however, and trying to manipulate the K’Tan into place with a screaming baby just didn’t work for me. The B’jorn was also a no-go, but I can occasionally use the Ergo at the grocery store without someone calling CPS.

Check out the K’tan here.     $50

nosefrida4. Nosefrida- In addition to the ick-factor, this thing just can’t compete with the good ‘ole fashion blue bulb snot sucker that our moms used on us. No matter how hard I suck, I just can’t get the boogers out with the Frida.

See what all of the hype is about here. I’d offer you mine, but that’s just kind of gross.    $15

book5. Moms on Call Basic Baby Care: 0-6 Months– I read this book cover to cover leading up to the birth of sweet Baby J. I memorized the schedules and prepped my hubby on how our days with a newborn would play out. I just knew that things would fall right into place as the book suggests. WRONG! Trying to get an infant on a schedule is just flat out ridiculous, and it took two long months, a ton of tears, and a “Come to Jesus” talk with my husband to realize that I had lost my mind somewhere along the way.

*Do yourself a favor, and do not buy this book.*





2 thoughts on “A Few of Our *Least* Favorite Things

  1. I have to agree with most of these except the nosefrida snot sucker. The bulb is great for your run-of-the-mill boogies, or for dry ones close to the nostril opening. But for a bad cold, the snot sucker wins hands down. When the congestion was really bad, I had to hold my nose to get better suction, but the bulb was useless at getting thick mucus out, plus I was always worried about damaging the lining of my baby’s nostrils as she fought me and writhed around screaming.

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