What’s New at LWO

As you may have noticed, it has proven rather difficult to obtain Holle formula from LWO as of late. Our regular supplier is very behind fulfilling orders, and we sell out of our shipments within hours of receiving them. We feel your frustration- Trust me!

I have personally spent countless hours looking for a cost-effective alternative, but unfortunately there just doesn’t seem to be any options at the moment. We have found a temporary fix, however, for those of you needing a box or two of Holle to hold you over until our shipments arrive from Germany.

Our friends in the UK have graciously helped us out, and we are expecting a shipment of Holle stage 2 from across the pond by the end of the week, and another order of both stages 1 and 2 by the beginning of next week. The good news is we are accepting pre-orders on our UK shipments. The bad news is the cost of ordering Holle from the UK is significantly more expensive than the cost of ordering from Germany, and our prices will reflect that difference.

Our prices will remain the same on our German orders- $30/box for stage 1 and $32/box for stage 2. We are setting the prices of our UK orders at $36/box for stage 1 and $45/box for stage 2.

Again, our hopes are that the UK orders will serve only as a back-up for our clients when our regular shipments are delayed.


In the next few weeks, I am expecting to deliver another baby boy, and LWO will close its doors for the week following his debut. After the temporary shut-down, we will be on a modified maternity leave of sorts. Orders will be accepted via the product order form as usual, however, we will not be able to respond to any email inquiries at that time. Business *should* resume as usual by the first week of April.

If you would like to reserve any formula from our UK orders, you may do so by filling out our product order form located on the homepage. Feel free to email us with any questions. Thank you!


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