Mama’s Little Helpers

My head is spinning. My eyes are burning. There is not enough coffee in the world to pull me out of this post-Christmas, sleep-deprived funk. I need a vacation.

Yes, today is only my second day back to work after a two week long hiatus, but I am already counting down the days until Spring Break. The deadline for finalizing report card grades is looming. A stack of ungraded papers is scattered haphazardly across my desk. My computer monitor is swimming in to-do lists. Would anyone notice if I gave everyone a 100 and called it a day?

God, I miss maternity leave…

I miss my pjs. I miss Willie Geist. I miss my baby.

I must focus on the positive…

I am grateful for my healthy baby boy. I am grateful that I have a job. I am grateful for my family.

I found this quote on Pinterest today:


Perhaps my interpretation of this quote is a tad too literal. Having a baby seemed to have robbed me of more brain cells than I’d care to admit. So bear that in mind- along with the fact that I am running on fumes today-  as you read my list of some “common things” that are keeping me afloat until Friday afternoon.


Danielle Earrings by Kendra Scott

Perhaps the green will offset the redness of my blood-shot eyes?


Blushing Floral Infinity Scarf/ Anthropologie

 The gorgeous colors in this infinity scarf brighten my mood & conceal some of my less than ideal outfit choices of late. I’ve washed the same load of laundry THREE times this week, and it has yet to see a dryer… I need all of the help I can get.


One of my students gave me this candle for Christmas. She said she picked it out especially for me because, “You’re a teacher, and teachers like apples, ya know?”  Gotta love the logic of a ten-year-old. And for the record, I hate apples. I wouldn’t mind a hot toddy, however. I swear this is the very distinct scent that Anthropologie uses to fragrance all of their stores.

Spiced Apple Toddy Candle/ Bath & Body Works


And speaking of booze, this wine is legit. At $10 a pop, I can afford to self-medicate for the entire week. I tasted and purchased more than my fair share of bottles at Whole Foods over the holidays. Is it weird that the in-house wine expert knows me by name? Because I think it’s pretty damn awesome.

Herdade Do Esporao Alentejo Alandra 2004


Love the band, love the music, love everything. 

Gave The Hubs Vampire Weekend tickets for Christmas. Wanted to see them at ACL this year, but the dang kid shot that plan to hell.


Love my new Keurig, though the sound it makes when brewing coffee is eerily reminiscent of my breast pump. *shudder*


This primer will perk up even the dullest & driest of skins (i.e. mine). Her tinted moisturizer has a cult-like following, though I have never tried it myself. If there was ever a time to shell out $43 on moisturizer, this would be it.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer- Radiance/ Sephora

What keeps you going during the week?



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