Damaged Products

Damaged products are sold at a discount due to cosmetic damage of the formula boxes. We would never sell a product if the inner contents were compromised in any way- I would (and do) feed my own baby formula that arrives in damaged boxes.

When the formula leaves the warehouse it is in pristine condition, however the boxes often experience some wear and tear during transit.

Damaged boxes are typically sold for a $10 discount per box. You may email us at lworganics@gmail.com to inquire about our damaged inventory, or you can check the daily ordering form, as damaged products are typically posted each day.

Below you will find some examples of damaged products. As you can see, the boxes are often opened, torn, or squished. Occasionally the boxes arrive so badly damaged that we sell just the pouch(es) and spoon. When this is the case, the formula is sold for a $15/discount per “box”.