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  1. Do you have to boil the water like it says on the box for the powder form, or can you use room temperature water?

  2. I have some holle stage 1 formula. My baby is now 8 months old. I didn’t start supplementing with formula until now. I don’t want to waste the stage 1 formula I have. Can I still give it to my 8 months old? What are the differences between different stages?

    • Should I use the same stage of formula milk throughout my baby’s first year of life?

      If your baby is happy, healthy, gaining weight steadily and has regular bowel movements, you don’t need to change the milk you are using in this first year. If you have any concerns about your baby’s feeding, or if you are thinking about changing the brand or type of milk you use, it’s best to speak to your health visitor or GP about it first.

      Your baby should drink either breastmilk or infant milk for at least the first year of life. From 6 months, however, you may choose to use a follow on milk. These milks, which are usually labelled as stage 2, are formulated to be used alongside a varied weaning diet and are higher in iron than first infant milks.

      From 12 months, when babies become active toddlers, you may wish to switch to a growing up milk. Growing up milks are specially formulated to provide the extra iron and vitamins that whole cows’ milk may be too low in to fully meet a baby’s needs at that age, and can provide the nutrition needed to support growth and increased activity.

  3. I have been exclusively breastfeeding my son for 6 months but want to begin to wean him off. Do you recommend using stage 1 or 2? Also, I thought the Lebenswert didn’t have melodextrin in it, but if I am understanding this correctly the stage 2 does have it in it?

    • I would use stage 2, as it is formulated for babies 6+ months. Yes, stage 1 Lebenswert is the only version of Lebenswert w/o maltodextrin in it. If you are concerned, I would use stage 1.