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    • Hi! It is actually currently out of production in the UK. This is from their website,

      “Unfortunately we are currently out of stock of HiPP Growing Up Milk powder. The HiPP quality team had picked up a problem with the sealing procedure on the foil sachets which has meant that they have been unable to release their latest production.
      We would like to reassure you that they are working very hard to rectify this fault and they will recommence production as soon as they possibly can.”

    • Amy recommendations on weaning off Gerber gentle to Holle? Would you recommend adding an ounce of holle for a week to each feeding or just go all in?

      Looong forward to using what I’ve purchased soon!!!

      • Hi! I have used both approaches. My boys had sensitive stomachs, so any time I changed formulas I did so gradually as you mentioned. My 5 month old Evie doesn’t need the gradual approach. I have switched her cold-turkey with no issues. Hope this helps!

  1. I am just looking into things and might have requested an order on accident. I do not know what the pricing is and am not ready for a purchase. How much is the Holle formula for a 5 month old baby?

  2. We just started our 2.5 mo old on Holle stage 1 in the last 24 hrs and he is spitting up a lot! We switched from Similac Sensitive. Is this normal due to the transition?

    • Hmm… It could be because the consistency of Holle is thinner than most US formulas. It mixes much better, too. How old is your LO? Spitting up is pretty normal until the 6th month of life.

    • Some input we worked thru with first grandson: if feeding too much at one time, it will come back up soon after feeding. Dr Brown bottles seemed to help situation, but more parts to clean. When in doubt, try Hipp formula to see if react different from Holle. Even tried goat milk at one point! 2- years later and 2 grandsons, although they will eat both Hipp and Holle, one does better on Holle while other does better on Hipp formula. Encourage research. Trust your instincts!

  3. Hi, I was wondering what the expiration date is on the Holle stage 1 boxes you have right now. I am still a few months away from having my next little one but I want to make sure I’m prepared! Thanks 🙂

  4. Does Holle satisfy nutritional needs as Hipp stage 1? I understand that Hipp Stage 1 has DHA/ARA, but Holle does not. How significant is this?

  5. Thanks so much! Sorry for asking the same question twice! I didn’t see my first one come through so I wasn’t sure I did it right 🙂

  6. Hi there! My baby has been on Aptamil, another German brand of baby formula and since our move we’ve been shipping from a Brit expat store but their last shipment got ceased at the US Customs for the past 2 weeks with no recourse. We are on our last box of Aptamil 3 growing up milk – could you please recommend something of similar consistency/taste, that you can ship asap? many thanks in advance!

  7. My son is 12 months. He has been exclusively breastfed. He has had a problem when I consume dairy and consuming dairy on his own . We buy dairy in the least processed and raw form possible. We plan to continue to breast fed morning/evening but are looking to supplement. I prefer a toddler formula to a milk “alternative” . I wondering which of the formulas you would recommend. Does Holle Goat milk formula have a toddler stage?

  8. Well, I imagine that it takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks for your order to arrive. Shipments may be seized by customs and destroyed or damaged during transit. To my knowledge, shipments from Germany are very difficult to track, so you most likely will have no idea where your shipment is and when it will arrive until a day or so before that happens. Do you know who you are buying from when you order from this company? Have they been vetted by anyone reputable? Just a few things to consider.

    • Gotcha. My baby started eating the Holle 1 formula and breastmilk in between and has been taking it well. However, after doing some research, Lebenswert is recommended more now. Do you offer samples? or what is the smallest order I can make?

  9. I’m unable to view the ingredient list on my cell and laptop for some reason. Can you please tell me the difference from Lebenswert 1, 2 and 3 and Holle Goat 1, 2 and 3. I’ve been ordering several for my twins but curious the difference since they’re 10 months now and on Lebenswert stage 1 still.

  10. I am not very familiar with the company mentioned, but I would imagine that it takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks for your order to arrive. Shipments may be seized by customs and destroyed or damaged during transit. To my knowledge, shipments from Germany are very difficult to track, so you most likely will have no idea where your shipment is and when it will arrive until a day or so before that happens. Do you know who you are buying from when you order from this company? Have they been vetted by anyone reputable?

    I am also wondering if the company mentioned is available for email support if questions/concerns come up. What is their policy if your formula never arrives or is damaged?

  11. Thank you!

    As a side note, have you seen babies with a cow’s milk protein allergy/intolerance respond positively to goat’s milk formula?? Any thoughts are welcome! 🙂

  12. Hello I had ordered my baby’s formula, Holle, couple months ago. I recently tried different supplier and noticed that there is differences in packing designs and the sizes of measuring spoons were very different too. Can you please explain about these differences? And how do I know which one is the real one?

  13. Hello,
    I’ve been searching online for an answer. I am feeding my 2month old holle stage 1 formula. It’s the only milk that has been working fine, from all the American formulas. I’m concerned about the amount of times he poops throughout the day when taking this formula. Have you come across with this situation?

    I appreciate your help.

  14. I’m thinking about ordering the will only be used to supplement breastfeeding as needed so I’m not sure I’d use a whole container in time once opened (within the 2 weeks). Can the formula be prepared and then frozen for later use (similar to breast milk)?

  15. What is the ratio for making holle 2? Is it the same as making Holle 1? I’m having a hard time finding this answer.

  16. If HiPP is causing her gas, I would choose either Holle or Lebenswert and give it a couple of weeks to see how she adjusts. If that product also causes gas, I would try the third product. What causes gas in some babies will not in others… Babies tolerate formulas differently, so it is definitely a trial and error type of process.

  17. Hi! I’m trying to figure out if it’s the formula or not because she’s only had puréed baby food that I’ve made myself, it’s literally the only thing that’s changed in her diet. I can’t think of anything else so at this point I’m not sure if I should continue to give it to her and just try to deal with her rash or just stop giving it to her altogether,
    And I’m open to trying the other brand of formula but I remember based on what you had said you preferred the Holle brand because of certain ingredients?

  18. Hi! Id like to know if I have to change the formula I am currently giving to my 7month old. I have been breastfeeding since he was born then started supplementing with the Lebenswert stage 1. Now that my milk has dried up, I am giving him solids and continuing to give him Lebenswert stage 1. My question is, do I now have to start giving him Stage 2?? If not yet, when should I make the change?

    • No, you do not have to switch to stage 2. Stage 2 does have more iron than stage 1… As long as your LO is getting iron in his diet from solids than stage 1 is perfectly fine.

  19. I have a question, Why are HIpp and Holle based on skim milk? I thought anything skim or lower calories is a no no .. any thoughts? I looked at holle, but same ingredients – particularly the skim milk..

  20. Hi! I am currently feeding my 3 month old the ready to feed Enfamil Gentlease. I plan to order a few boxes of HiPP Stage 1 and have him start it next month. I was wondering how I would transition him to the HiPP formula? Would i gradually add the enfamil ready to feed and the water + powder Hipp together so that he could adjust to it? Or would I just go straight to the HiPP

  21. Hello !

    Just found this site today. My daughter has a 2 week old baby, she has low milk supply and needs to supplement. What’s the difference in the 3 formulas you have and how do I know which one to use ? Thanks !

  22. Hi, once made up can the Lebenswert stage 1 be kept in the fridge for 24 hours? Or can I not make it up before hand?

    Thank you!

  23. Not necessarily. I tried to transition both of my sons to a follow-on formula unsuccessfully- The extra iron caused constipation. As long as your child is eating a well-rounded diet of solids, stage 1 is suitable for the entire first year of life. If you do want to make the transition, stage 2 would be the appropriate stage.

  24. Hello! I am feeding my child Holle Bio-Folgemilch 2 and am wondering if it is necessary to boil water before adding the formula ? I have never heard of this. Thank you in advance.

    Kristen l

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