Organic Infant Goat Milk Formula 1

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Organic Infant Goat Milk Formula 1






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46 thoughts on “Organic Infant Goat Milk Formula 1

    • Hi there, do you keep any stock of Holle Goat formula? How long would it take to order it in if I placed an order? My newbie isn’t tolerating dairy and kabrita seems to give him distress as well. Hopeful that Holle or Hipp will help.

      • We have Holle goat milk 1 in stock now. The order form will be available tomorrow beginning at 10AM CST. If you place an order tomorrow, it should arrive by Thursday.

  1. We are really needing this … any chance we can order some for you? If not, do you have any suggestions of where we can get it? (USA) Thanks so much!

  2. Hi, I’m interested in ordering some of the follow on goat’s milk formula. Will some be available to order on Monday, 1/4/16?

  3. Hi! Is there a reason you don’t have my on order? I’ve never used it and am just wondering how people feel about it. My son 2months old, has reflux and I heard it helps. Sadly the Lebsewert made him much more gassy and uncomfortable so sadly I have him on Similiac Sensitive and it breaks my heart!! Thank you!

    • We try to stock the products that are in highest demand. I am not sure why goat milk would help reflux (both of my sons had severe reflux, so I am well-versed on the topic). Anyway, I will place an order for some this week. 🙂

      • Which formula worked best for your sons with reflux? I have a 5 month old. Just needing to start somewhere. Thank you!

      • In my experience the formula that you use is not going to help with reflux symptoms (unless you use a formula specially formulated for babies with reflux). Prescription medication was the only thing that helped either of my boys.

  4. I am also interested in the Holle goat milk formula stage 2. Will it be available for order anytime soon? Thank you!

  5. I read it’s easier to digest! What do you do for your kids reflux???? Mine is only 2 mo so I feel bad giving him medications like Nexium.

    • My oldest son was on a Prilosec compound and my 9-month-old is still on Prevacid SoluTabs. We tried everything, and medicine was the only thing that helped my babies.

  6. Hi, just wondering if you were going to order some of the goats milk formula stage 2? You mentioned you were going to place an order in a previous comment, but then later said you had none on order. Do you allow people to pre order or reserve products? Thanks so much!

  7. hello, i see you ordered some goat milk on January 8th. just checking the status of it. when will we know if it is available to order? thanks!

  8. Hi I just spent days online researching the best formula and the best place to buy it. This is where we ended up. When will you have the goats milk available again? So happy to have found this site.

  9. Hi, I heard goats milk is a good idea if baby has a sensitivity to cows milk. My 10 month boy/girl twins get combined BM with formula, boy does well on Lebenswert 1 but lil girl is on Nutramgien. (yuck!) I’ve tried Lebenswert 3 xs over the last 6 months with no luck. Is goats milk a good option? And at stage 1 for both kiddos.

    • Yes, I would definitely give goats milk a try, and stage 1 is a suitable choice for your LOs. Both of my boys were on a stage 1 formula for their first year of life, and I plan on keeping Evie on a stage 1 formula, as well.

  10. Hi, is it acceptable to boil a days worth of water, ‘mix the formula (Holle goat formula stage 1) to sterilize it and then store in the fridge for up to 25 hours?

  11. Thanks so much! Does the bottle warmer get the milk as warm as it needs to be to “sterilize” the formula? Does the boiling not compromise the prebotics that are in the formula, do you know? I notice some US formulas say not to warm for that reason. Also, I don’t think US formulas are sterile either so is the boiling water just a suggestion as an extra precaution?! I never did this will my first son on Hipp and now I’m paranoid lol. It’s nice to talk to someone who is familiar with the European formulas. Thanks so much!

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