Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2

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Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2






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48 thoughts on “Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2

  1. Hi there,
    I’m looking to start adding in formula just for night time for my 8 month old and for when we go out and have a babysitter. (Can’t pump as much) I might wait until she is around 9 months. I have been researching and can’t decide between Hipp or Holle. What do you recommend? And do you ship to Canada?

    • Hi Carly,
      I have used both products with my little ones and am very please with each. This a great post discussing the two formulas… Perhaps it will help you decide between the two. No, we do not ship to Canada at this time.

    • Hi, I have used both brands. We started weaning our baby off breast milk and adding in some Hipp but we suspected our little one was sensitive to cows milk (her father is lactose intolerant) so we switched first to soya which gave her a lot of gas so we tried Holle goat milk instead. We are very pleased- her stomach has returned to normal and she loves the taste, while she was indifferent towards the Hipp/soya milk. I personally think the Holle tastes much nicer, creamier and less minerally. Now she will happily choose either breast or the goats milk, before she would always want breast if she had the choice- this makes weaning more emotionally comfortable for us both.
      I hope this has helped a little. Sorry I can’t compare the cows milk Holle to Hipp.

  2. Hi there, We just started using Holle. Is it the same rules as with other formulas – Good for 24 hours in refrigerator and good for an hour once warmed and drank from? Also, once the packet is opened, how long does the powder last? (The Baby’s Only formula specifically said good for 1 month upon opening). Couldn’t find this info on the box. Thank you!

  3. Hi…Do you know where I can get the nutritional facts on holle stage 2? I use it for my 6 month old son & my pediatrician was asking how much iron it contains and the box is in German of course, so I don’t know 🙂 Thank you as always for your helpful answers!
    Julie 🙂

    • Hi Lesley,
      After Labor Day our we were able to increase our inventory of Holle Lebenswert. We are actually ordering more Holle 1 and Holle Lebenswert 1, as they are in higher demand. The good news is that we should have more Holle 2 available in the next few days.

  4. I have a lot of extra boxes of stage 1. Should I return them and order stage 2 right when my son is 6 months old or should I use up the rest of my stage 1 boxes (though he will be 6-7 months by then)? Thanks

  5. My son is 9 months old. I am exclusively breastfeeding, but will need to supplement for a few days when I am traveling for work as I don’t have enough frozen milk and cannot pump enough. Should be using stage 1 or stage 2?

  6. I’ve breastfed my 7 month old up until now and I’ll be traveling a couple times in February and March for work. I would like to be able to supplement with this formula but do you all have instructions on how to use both formula and breast milk?

  7. hi my son is 10 months now and im giving him holle stage 2. i still have a lot of boxes from it. can i give him stage 2 until he is 1 year old?

  8. Hello – I am starting Stage 2 for my 6mo old. I see there are two bags in one box. I assume the bags contain the same formula in each bag..correct?

  9. Hi there, my son is 7 months old and I was looking at stage 2 of holle. But I noticed it says the max # of bottles is 3 a day? And he normally has about 6 or 7, 5 ounce bottles a day. Would it be okay to give him 6 bottles of the holle stage 2 a day?

  10. Hi – im currently giving my baby 1/2 breast milk and 1/2 Holle 1. Im stopping pumping soon (once my baby turns 6mo). Should I switch to Holle 2 at that point? Other than solids, that will be her only source of nutrition.

  11. Hi Kristina,

    To be honest not all babies succeed in transitioning from Stage 1 to Stage 2… Occasionally Little Ones get constipated due to additional iron content of the next formula stage. Some do not transition at all and just supplement with solid food to complete the nutritional requirement of their Little Ones.

    Thank you!

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