Holle Organic Formula

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For over 75 years, Holle has focused on naturalness while prohibiting the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers in their products. Only raw ingredients grown to biodynamic or organic standards are allowed in their superior line of baby food products. This is what differentiates Holle baby food from other products on the market today.

The production for the Holle baby formula milk takes place in Germany. The grain used for their formula milk grows in healthy soil on Demeter certified biodynamic farms, which ensures the best quality, taste, and nutrition for babies and children without compromise.

68 thoughts on “Holle Organic Formula

  1. Do u have any holle formula stage 1( my daughter is 8 months and has only been on breast milk only ) or do I buy stage 2?

  2. I’m interested in Holle Stage 2 formula. I have been using our with my new 9 month daughter and she is about to run out.

  3. How do I order and what stage do I need for my EBO 4 month old? I’m starting back to work and am running out of freezer stored breastmilk.

    • Hi Julia,
      Stage 1 is what you would need for your little one. We sell it for $30/box + shipping. We have a product order form on our homepage. If you would like to place an order, simply submit an order form online and we will send over a PayPal invoice. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!


  4. Hi, I was wondering how long one box of stage 1 Holle would last, in general, for a newborn to 3 month old? I’m also nervous about supply issues with the formula, since it’s so hard to get.


  5. I am interested in the membership program. Can you please send me more information?
    Thank you,

  6. I am interested in the Holle stage 1 formula. When will it be in stock again? My daughter is 3 weeks old.
    Thank you!

  7. Hello,

    I am having a baby boy with an estimated due date of June 19th. I am interested in the Holle brand, am assuming it’s Stage 1. How much should I order to try it out? I will attempt to breastfeed but would like a back up plan and understand how long it takes to ship and deliver to New Jersey.

  8. Hello,

    How long does each box of formula last until they expire? For example unopened box of formula would last how long and how long of the box has been opened? I’m ending my pumping journey and am completely clueless to formula. My baby is 9 months now so which stage of the holle would I use? If the baby is one year which stage would I use? How long do you generally use formula? If a product is in stock, is they’re a limit on how many boxes you may order? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.


    • Each box typically has an expiration date about a year out. Once a box is opened it has a shelf life of 2 weeks. You would use stage 2 for a 9 month old; Stage 1 is recommended for babies 0-6 months, and stage 2 is appropriate for babies 6 months until the end of the third year of life. It is recommended that a child switches to cow milk at a year old (at least by my pedi). There is no limit as long as the product is available.

  9. I have exclusively breastfed my 10 mo old and am looking into supplementing as I seen him off the breast. I am interested in the cost of Holle.

  10. Hi! Thank you for your response informing me of the powder versus liquid formula. I also have two questions or concerns. The first is that the maltodextrin in the product is an ingredient that I feel worried about giving a new born. The second is that the rapeseed oil is also a product I am concerned about giving a newborn..Can you provide any information to me on these concerns. Thank you

    • Hi Nancy,
      We are now selling Lebenswert bio organic infant formula, which is manufactured by Holle. Unlike Holle, the Lebenswert bio formula does not contain maltodextrin. There are special regulations for the use of rapeseed oil in infant food. These lower regulated levels are not believed to cause harm in infants.

  11. Is there any hexane in the Lebenswert formula? Can you please send me a list of ingredients as well. Thank you

  12. Can you provide more information about shipping to Texas? We are presently breastfeeding, but due to medical reasons having to stop, found outstanding reviews and information on your product and we are in love; can it be shipped here?

  13. my baby just turned six months,should I get stage 2? I only breastfeed her, I tried few different formulas but she didn’t like them. So I m hoping she will like this. Please assist.
    Thank you,

  14. Hi my daughter is 6 months and exclusively breast fed. I want to supplement with holle 2 or lebenswert. Is the lebenswert only for younger than 6 months?
    I also only need to supplement one bottle or so a day. Do they come in smaller packages? I will have a lot left over if I have to throw away after 2 weeks 🙁
    Thank u!

    • The Lebesnwert stage 1 is for babies 0-6 months. We will have Lebenswert stage 2 in stock soon. No, they do not come in smaller packages, though we do have a ton of Holle 2 sample packs. Each pack makes 1-2 bottles. Let me know if you are interested…

  15. How long does it take to ship holle 1 to California? I want to avoid running out and having to wait long weeks for the next shipment. First time mom here so how would I mix the formula? What powder to water ratio and what kind of water would I need? Would I have to buy baby water? Do I boil tap water? Can I use arrow head water that I already have in containers? HELP!

  16. I ebf my 11 week old and she’s so hungry all the time and won’t take formula, I’ve tried tons of brands. Starting to add up. How can I go about buying a sample of holle or hipp?

  17. Hi. My 8 month old has been exclusively breastfed. I would like to transition her to the Holle formula. Which Holle formula do I need to purchase and how can I go about ordering? Also, I am currently feeding her my frozen breastmilk. Is it ok to start mixing in a little bit of the Holle formula to make sure she can take it well?

    • Hi! You would want to use Holle stage 2, which is for babies 6+ months. The order form will be available on our homepage today at 10AM CST. Yes, you can absolutely start mixing the prepared Holle in with your breastmilk. That is a great way to transition a baby from bm to formula.

  18. We ordered the Holle formula and will have tons left over after the two weeks being open. We have been storing it in an airtight glass container. Can we refrigerate so that it lasts longer?

  19. Hi, our little bean just turned 1 a couple weeks ago. Our doc said stop (the formula) cold turkey however I am thinking of doing so more gradually. In the meantime, I thought we would try Stage 4 as that is supposed to be for 12+ however I am noticing out daughter wakes up from her naps crying with what seems like a stomach ache or possible gas… (only recently since starting the stage 4). Prior to this she has been on Holle 1 or Lebenswert for the last 11-12 months. I would love to know your thoughts about stage 4? I notice that you do not currently sell stage 4? Anything to do with the product itself? Thanks Dawn

  20. I read above that it is ok to use filtered water instead of boiling/sterilizing water to mix the formula, however I was wondering if it is still necessary to heat filtered water to mix with the powder as recommended in the instructions? Does it make a difference or maybe it is just extra security for the company?

    • The manufacturer recommends boiling the water regardless of the type of water you use. The boiling is to sterilize the powder. You will have to decide for yourself whether you choose to follow their recommendation or not.

  21. What makes lebenswert stage 1 not ok for a 12 month old? I prefer to give this because it is the only stage without malodextrin. My baby was solely breast feed until 12 months, he turned 1 yesterday and we have started to incorporate lebenswert stage 1 formula for the last week in efforts to ween breast feeding and he likes it very much. Does stage 1 have more sugar than the other stages? My baby does not like cow/ goat/ coconut nor almond milk however he eats a full balanced and healthy diet of food, the formula is to replace milk as well as for comfort during this weening period. Please advise. Thanks.

  22. Once I make a bottle with formula, how long do I have to use it before it goes bad? I known with some of the American formulas you can use the bottle within two hours.

  23. Hi Alejandra,

    It is always best to consult your pediatrician. Some do transition earlier but it will always depend if your Little One will be able to tolerate the transition because there are some who are unsuccessful in transitioning to the next stage of formula. Do consult your pediatrician for advice.

    Thank you!

  24. Do you have to boil the water like it says on the box for the powder form, or can you use room temperature water?

  25. I have some holle stage 1 formula. My baby is now 8 months old. I didn’t start supplementing with formula until now. I don’t want to waste the stage 1 formula I have. Can I still give it to my 8 months old? What are the differences between different stages?

    • Should I use the same stage of formula milk throughout my baby’s first year of life?

      If your baby is happy, healthy, gaining weight steadily and has regular bowel movements, you don’t need to change the milk you are using in this first year. If you have any concerns about your baby’s feeding, or if you are thinking about changing the brand or type of milk you use, it’s best to speak to your health visitor or GP about it first.

      Your baby should drink either breastmilk or infant milk for at least the first year of life. From 6 months, however, you may choose to use a follow on milk. These milks, which are usually labelled as stage 2, are formulated to be used alongside a varied weaning diet and are higher in iron than first infant milks.

      From 12 months, when babies become active toddlers, you may wish to switch to a growing up milk. Growing up milks are specially formulated to provide the extra iron and vitamins that whole cows’ milk may be too low in to fully meet a baby’s needs at that age, and can provide the nutrition needed to support growth and increased activity.

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