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An ideal complement to the solid food diet from 6 months onwards when moving from breast or infant milk feeding. Our gentle organic follow on milk is specially formulated using only the finest organic milk and contains iron for cognitive development, vitamin A,C and D and PRÆBIOTIK® oligosaccharides (GOS), as well as other important vitamins and minerals (as required by law).


Organic skimmed milk, organic vegetable oils (palm oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), organic lactose, organic whey protein (partially demineralised), fibre (galacto-oligosaccharides from lactose), calcium carbonate, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vitamins (vitamin C, niacin, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin B6, riboflavin (vitamin B2), folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin D, biotin, vitamin B12), ferrous sulphate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, L-tryptophan, zinc sulphate, magnesium carbonate, copper sulphate, potassium iodide, manganese sulphate, sodium selenite.

How to Make a Bottle

Important information:

  • Make up each feed as you need it.
  • Use feed within two hours.
  • Discard any leftover milk.

Storing feeds:

Each feed should be freshly made as powdered formula is not sterile. If it is necessary to prepare in advance, bottles should be stored as follows:

  • Room temperature: use within 2 hours
  • In a cool bag with an ice pack: use within 4 hours
  • In the back of the fridge: use within 24 hours

Alternatively, ready to feed cartons of milks are available.

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19 thoughts on “Follow On Milk

  1. When do you expect more follow on milk to be available? I need to receive more Hipp within the next week and would order the first infant milk for my 7 month old instead if the follow on will take longer than a week or so to arrive.

  2. Okay thank you! Is there anyway you can notify me when it comes in? I also want to order 2 boxes of the first infant as well as 2 of follow on – to see how my LO responds to the follow on (since he’s only has first infant milk this far and is 7 mo). Can you hold 2 boxes of the first infant milk for me until I can place the order for the follow on in one order? Thank you!

    • Yes, we do. We haven’t added a page for it on the website yet, but you can currently find it (growing up milk) on the product order form on our homepage.

  3. Hi there, can I order the Ready Made Follow On formula through your site/order form? I know the ready made formula route will be way easier for me/my family. Also, my baby is turning 6 months old next week but has not had any formula thus far. Would you recommend that we try the First Infant formula first just to introduce her to it? Thank you in advance for your feedback!

    • Hi Brooke,
      Yes, we do carry the ready to feed follow-on formula. We are currently sold out, however we should have more available by the middle of next week. I would go ahead and start with the follow-on formula, as it is specifically formulated for babies 6+ months. The first infant milk is a perfectly acceptable route to go, as well.

  4. My daughter is 13 months and will not drink cows milk and currently only wants to nurse. She is a petite little thing so I want to ensure that she gets her calories. Do you recommend the follow on milk? Or do you have another suggestion. I would like to place an order today. Thank you

  5. Hello! My 13 month old will not drink cows milk and only wants to nurse but being that she is a little nugget I wanted to try a supplement while she is at daycare. Do you reccomend the follow on milk or another option? I would like to make an order today. Please advise. Thank you so much.

  6. I would like to have my babies (I have twins) try the stage 2 Follow on Milk but one of my friend told me that the stage 2 doesn’t dissolve as well as the stage 1 formula. It leaves a thin layer of powder on the glass like it is frosted. With stage 1, the bottle glass is always crystal clear. Is it true? Why it is so different, seems like a waste of food if some powder end up sticking on the glass rather than in the water. Thank you! (And I would really appreciate your answer.)

    • Hi Jane,
      Unfortunately I do not have an answer to your question. I have never heard this feedback regarding stage 2. If you are concerned, you could always use stage 1. I am still using it with my 8 month old. We have a link on the FAQ page from HiPP about using first infant milks past the first 6 months of life. Perhaps you should check out the article before making a decision. Hope this helps!

  7. Hello, I am seeking a formula to supplement with my breastmilk. Which would be the best option? My daughter is 7 months old and is enjoying solids at this time. I would like to avoid soy and am unsure if she has sensitivity to lactose as we have never supplemented with formula. Thank you!

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