A Few of Our Favorite Things

Here at Little World Organics, we have babies on the brain. Whether we have one and/or are planning for our next- Have we lost our minds?– babies pretty much rule the roost in our homes. With that said, we have some pretty solid experience with baby necessities, and we thought it would be fun to share some of our new found wisdom with our readers.

Our Favorite Baby Gear of 2013

original-tahiti-on-floor1. The Woombie– Greatest. Invention. Ever. I’ll let you in on a little secret… I don’t know how to swaddle. Gasp! My husband was the official “swaddler” in the hospital, and like everything else they taught us during our stay, we forgot it as soon as we arrived home. This simple swaddling device saved our lives during the first few months of Baby A’s life. It’s very user-friendly; Just pop your baby in and zip them up- It’s really that simple. We don’t recommend the “Wrap and Snap” style, however. It was way too tight around our little one’s necks. And yes, it kinda resembles a baby straight jacket, but it gets the job done.

Buy the Woombie here.     basic model:$26

pitcher2. Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Formula Pitcher- The good news is Holle Organic Infant Formula does not clump like a lot of the formulas found in the USA, which probably has something to do with the lack of Frakenstein-ish ingredients in Holle. We still love this pitcher, however. As a matter of fact, both June and I have two. Essentially, the pitcher is used to mix formula with water resulting in a creamy, clump-free texture. You can store pre-mixed formula in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Buy the pitcher here.     $16.99

ROCKNPLAY3. Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play- Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the Rock ‘N Play. It is a hammock of sorts that has the capability of rocking with baby’s movements when placed on hard surfaces. Baby A was not a huge fan of the Rock ‘N Play at first. She was a small baby, and the Rock ‘N Play absolutely swallowed her. The Snugabunny bouncer was much more her speed, and I highly recommend that, as well. Around 4 months however, she started favoring the Rock ‘N Play- Unfortunately over her crib, where she had previously slept like a little baby rockstar. It was especially handy when she had a respiratory infection, as she was able to sleep safely on an incline. Baby A still enjoys napping in her Rock ‘N Play, but she is thankfully back in her crib at night.

Buy the Rock ‘N Play here.     $43.99

jumperoo4. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo- It ain’t pretty, but once your baby starts bouncing, you won’t care. Baby A will happily bounce for up to 45 minutes while mama gets things done around the house (watches the Today show and guzzles coffee).

Buy the Jumperoo here.     $89

liltummys5. Little Remedies for Tummys Gas Relief Drops- Baby J had major gas issues when he was a newborn. When he passes gas now, it hardly fazes him, but as a newborn you’d think he was dying. Little Remedies was the only product that worked for him. We still use it on occasion, but after switching to Holle, we rarely need gas drops.

Learn more about Little Remedies here. Buy at your local pharmacy or grocery store.     $7

soundmachine6. Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine- If you read June’s Confessions of a Stay at Home Mama post, you know how she feels about white noise. Unlike June, I embrace white noise, as it has lulled my little one to sleep since birth. Yes, I will admit the actual white noise option is a little creepy, and if you listen to it long enough you start to hear what sounds like voices, but the ocean waves option is a winner. This is probably the closest I will get to a beach for some time. Sigh.

Buy the sound machine here.     $17.99

baby4117. Baby 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Baby’s First Year- This is by far the best book I have ever read for new mamas. I spent the first month of Baby A’s life with her on the boob and the book in my lap- TMI much? And even if Dr. Brown wasn’t our pediatrician, I would still recommend it. She’s a big deal, y’all.

Buy Baby 411 here.     $10

tturtle8. Tranquil Turtle Sleep Machine by Cloud b- Can you live without the Tranquil Turtle Sleep Machine? Yes. Do we recommend it? No! I didn’t register for this but received it as a shower gift anyway. I sort of dismissed it, as I really didn’t understand the turtle and all of her glory. Shame on me. The Tranquil Turtle has two sound options, waves, and a peaceful medley that sounds like something you would hear at the spa. Now here is what really seals the deal for me- It projects waves on the walls and ceiling. Whaaattt? Yeah, it’s awesome. Even if you don’t have a child, go buy one. Now.

Buy the Tranquil Turtle here.     $45

If you asked us for advice on what to register for, these products would definitely be on the list. We would love to hear what some of your favorite things are, too!


Elleigh & June


Confessions of a Stay at Home Mama


We all have some skeletons in our closets, and now that I am in my early thirties, my “skeltons” are more like daily occurrences and behaviors that would cause my twenty-something self to shake her head in disappointment. I would never be that mom. But now I am, and I’m okay with it. Funny how times change.

The great thing about the internet is that it can be completely anonymous. Now that is not a challenge- I know you could figure out who Elleigh and I are, where we live, and what our grades were in AP English IV if you tried hard enough… But please don’t! I feel sure that we will post pictures soon enough, but this is our first rodeo, and baby steps are more our style.

And in the spirit of anonymity, I feel compelled to share some of my mama secrets that I prefer to keep to myself in “real life,” for fear of intense judgement from my non-mama friends. So here goes nothing…

1. I am still buying and wearing maternity jeans. It might not sound too outlandish, right? Well, what if I told you that my baby is eight months old? And that I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight? Would you judge me then?

2. My house is impeccably clean. My husband feels *so* lucky to have such a wonderful wife who not only takes care of his baby girl, but manages to clean the house and have dinner on the table every night, too. Her name is Lupita. She is my secret maid. Enough said.

3. I am afraid of the baby monitor. Have you ever seen the movie White Noise? We have a bad a** top of the line monitor, and I keep it on my nightstand every night. Turned-off. But don’t worry, Baby A’s nursery is maybe ten feet from our bedroom, and I keep both of our doors open at night.

4. I don’t like other people’s children. Except Ellie’s baby boy, of course. Is that awful?

5. I spent New Year’s Eve at home for the first time EVER. I wore my comfiest pair of Victoria Secret PJs, drank red wine with my husband, and loved every minute of it.  

So there it is. My deepest, darkest mama secrets. And if my twenty-something self knew how happy and fulfilled I felt in this moment in time, maybe she wouldn’t judge me quite so harshly.